I am Jim White, and I am running for SD Senate District 22. Education is a lifelong commitment for me and my family. My wife and I are both former teachers, and I have served as a school board member. I have first hand experience with the present education system, and I believe now is the time to assist the local school districts in further meeting the needs of their students.

• Presently, the United States ranks 31st of 43 industrial nations in math and 17th of 43 in reading.

• Of all teachers that graduated in May 2012 from four SD state colleges, 19 graduated with a math degree, 12 with a biology degree, 1 with a chemistry degree, 1 with an earth science degree, and 0 with a physics degree.

• Presently, 33% of SD high school graduates need additional remedial classes to get into college.


The legislation offered this year is a good first step towards assisting local school districts in designing a unique plan that best fits their local district over a three year period. Initiatives within the legislation include:

• 100 "Critical Needs Scholarships" per year to meet the areas of critical need.

• A teacher incentive package that pays an additional $1,000 per teacher per year to each public school district.

• A "Math and Science Teacher Program" that rewards distinguished middle and high school math and science teachers with an annual bonus of $2,500.

Now is the time for us to take a fresh look at education. Go to www.JimWhiteOnline.com to learn more about this and other issues I believe in.