A very mighty wind

Above: Hurst Corner was significantly damaged in the storm that passed through Huron Thursday.

Late Thursday afternoon, a strong thunderstorm system moved through the Heartland, with the National Weather Service clocking a 5:04 p.m. wind gust at 90 mph in Huron, and reports of winds in excess of 100 mph in the region. Hundreds of trees throughout Huron were uprooted and damage to the entirely of Riverside Cemetery was extensive.

Buildings in town suffered substantial damage, too. Above, Auto Body Clinic lost a portion of its roof, while below, Modern Woodmen lost portions of its wall.

The strong wind toppled the chimney through the roof of a house near the Beadle County Courthouse.

The City of Huron released the following press release:

Due to the recent severe weather that passed through the city of Huron leaving behind numerous trees and debris covering City streets. Public Works Commissioner Drew Weinreis has authorized the City street department to start clearing and cleaning city streets immediately. They will start by clearing the trees to the the boulevards. After the streets have been cleared they will start picking up trees that need to be removed. Weinreis wants to cautions citizens of possible downed power lines before they try to remove or cut done trees. A temporary tree disposal site has been set up in the west Splash Central parking lot for citizens to use.

Chainsaws were heard almost immediately firing up throughout the community.

City crews continue to work to clean up fallen trees while Northwestern Energy crews have worked around the clock to restore power within town.


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