Biel letter 6-5-21

To the Editor:

MORE DEER is the latest cry from the S.D. GFP! With S.D. ranked 4th in vehicle DEER hits in the nation last year, our GFP has lost its common sense for sure.

Take a good look at the farm pickup trucks and semi tractors in this state. Why do they all have big steel and aluminum manufactured animal guards for front bumpers? It’s because they need these rigs to run every day because their livelihood depends on moving S.D. products. Do you think these big rigs with these mammoth front guards ever call in and report a DEER hit?

Furthermore, what does the word DEER spell to a motorcycle rider? As a motorcycle rider having close calls with DEER I can tell you it scares the holy crap out of you.

So how do we control S.D.’s Deer population in the state? Because it’s very apparent that our GFP is lacking guidance and is only concerned about selling licenses and not the safety of drivers in our state.

One suggestion would be to cut the salaries of that department by 10% every year until S.D. was ranked 11th or lower in the nation for deer hits! Or they could pay our insurance deductibles from DEER hits until we get back to being ranked 11th or lower! Why do we have to pay higher vehicle insurance rates because they want more DEER?

One in 53 vehicles smacked a DEER last year in S.D., with many big rig numbers never reported on these statistics. It used to be rare to see spring and summer DEER hits along our S.D. roads but take a good look next time you’re out for a drive. Wake up S.D., it’s time to make changes while we still can.

Dick Biel



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