City holds first 2023 budget session

HURON — The official agenda of the Huron City Commission meeting Monday evening was over quickly, which led to the first budget planning session with commission members as the city outlines its 2023 budget.

On the regular agenda, Parks & Recreation Director Chad Schroeder brought a contract from the South Dakota Arts Council to the commission for Thursday Night in Campbell Park for grant funds. The commission authorized Schroeder to sign the contract to receive the funds.

The commission also approved hire of Craig Slepikas, Amanda Haeder, and Rex Sawvell at the Broadland Creed Pro Shop and to terminate Shelby Langbehn and Emma Haeder from the pro shop position.

Commissioner Bryan Smith explained that the personnel moves were in relation to college students returning to school and needed staffing to fill out the remainder of the season.

The commission then moved into the budget work session focused on budget requests from outside organizations.

To open the work session, Huron Housing gave a presentation to request funding for the housing rehab specialist position. The position has been funded through grant funding and through community agencies as the program has started, but those behind the program are looking to find a more permanent funding source for the position.

The presentation outlined the work that has been done in the community already to improve housing that qualified.

The commission ended the presentation by offering to consider the funding during the current budgeting process.


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