Delayed paper delivery

HURON —In the last couple of weeks, due to weather, the mail carriers have been called in early. Because of the wind chill the post office does not want their carriers out due to the chance of frostbite and other related health issues.
When the thermometer says -3 degrees and the wind and humidity is factored in,  the temperature feels like -28.
If the carriers do not finish their routes they are instructed to start the next day where they left off to make sure customers are not missed two days in a row.
Because of this, if you do not get your paper and your mail, you will get it the next day. The Plainsman has no control over this situation and until the arctic blast leaves, please have some compassion for your mail carriers.
On today’s Page 3, is a helpful reminder from the postal service to make things easier for your mail carrier.


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