District 2 legislators speak at GOP women’s luncheon

PHOTO BY BENJAMIN CHASE/PLAINSMAN District 2 state legislators Rep. Brock Greenfield, left, and Rep. Lana Greenfield spoke at the Beadle County GOP women’s luncheon Monday at the Scoreboard.

HURON — Two state legislators from District 2, Sen. Brock Greenfield and Rep. Lana Greenfield, were the speakers at Monday’s noon luncheon held by the Beadle County Republican women at the Scoreboard.

Rep. Greenfield spoke of her seven years of work in the legislature, specifically her work on the education committee, where she currently serves as chair. She discussed legislation that came through on education this year, including SB 177, regarding home schooling.

Rep. Greenfield also extensively discussed “woke” culture and its prevalence in education. She discussed multiple instances of high schools and colleges in the state that have altered curriculum, mascots, or other areas of their school’s previous actions to fit with changing culture. She states that she and her House colleagues plan to introduce legislature to attempt to curtail these moves by public schools and colleges by removing funding from those schools at next year’s legislative session.

Sen. Greenfield identified his time in the legislature as coming to a close. He spoke to his initial election to the State Senate at 24 years old and reports that he is now in his 21st year of serving in the legislature.

Sen. Greenfield is a candidate for the Republican nomination for the office of Commissioner of School and Public Lands next year. He discussed the activities of the office and his felt “call” to the role.

The next Beadle County Republican women’s luncheon is June 14 at noon at the Scoreboard back room. Everyone is welcome to attend.



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