Holy Trinity School hosts business fair

PHOTOS BY BENJAMIN CHASE/PLAINSMAN Holy Trinity students Abe, above, and Emmersyn, below, showcase their goods at the school’s annual Fifth-grade Business Fair.

As part of the spring semester at Holy Trinity Catholic School, 14 students have been learning the ins and outs of business: how to choose a product, how to market, weighing production costs versus price, etc. That all culminated Tuesday afternoon in a business fair hosted at the school.

Emmersyn, of Emmersyn’s Bath Charms, stated that she had to choose among a number of different options for her product.

“We (Emmersyn and her mother) considered towels and earrings, but that would have required a lot more supplies,” Emmersyn said. “So we found these on Pinterest…or maybe Etsy. One of the two!”

Emmersyn explained that her bath charms contained epsom salts and would be excellent for soaking sore muscles and relaxing.

When asked how she chose what scents to offer, she said that she just “picked what people would like.”

While multiple tables had useful and crafty items like Emmersyn’s, a common theme of the fair was food.

Abe, of Abe’s Salvadorian Pupusas, explained that he was offering a bit of home flavor while also fulfilling a definite need.

“I chose something that everyone needs - food,” said Abe. “Pupusas are something that can be made with things most people have in the house as well.”

Abe explained that the pupusas were a family favorite, made by his mother, utilizing beans and cheese, then topped with items of personal taste. His pupusas were being sold with a “special sauce” and a container of chopped lettuce and other vegetables.

The class used the proceeds from the fair to fund a field trip to Pierre to explore the capital following the business fair.

When asked what she was most excited about regarding the trip, Emmersyn thought and replied simply, “having fun with my friends.”

Abe had another thought.

“I’m looking forward to seeing things in Pierre, but I am also looking forward to being able to say thank you to our teacher for her hard work this year.”



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