Kingsbury adds COVID death, state again surpasses 1,000 active cases

HURON — Unlike the December and January Omnicron variant that impacted the state quickly and significantly, the recent increase in COVID-19 numbers has shown up in the South Dakota Department of Health (DOH) numbers more slowly and gradually.

The state added 453 new positive cases, two new deaths, and 160 new recovered cases in Wednesday’s weekly DOH report. Active cases in the state reached 1,088, the first time cases had been over 1,000 since March 30.

DOH moved to weekly reporting on March 23, with the final full week of daily reports totaling 243 new positive cases in the state. Since, the results have shown 110, 154, 137, 124, 165, and then the past three weeks have seen 277, 373, and now 453 new positive cases in weekly reports.

Beadle County added two new positive cases and no new recovered cases on the week.

Active cases in Beadle are up to nine.

The Heartland Region added 14 new positive cases, one new death, and four new recovered cases in the weekly report.

Active cases in the seven-county region are up to 37.

Kingsbury County was the location of the new COVID-related death, the county’s 22nd virus-related fatality.

In May, Kingsbury has reported 15 of the 27 reported new positives in the Heartland and currently has 19 active cases, more than half of the Heartland’s total.


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