Letter - Barnes 7-2-22

To the Editor:

While I don’t believe in abortion, I’ve never carried a baby for nine months. It’s normally a child-bearing decision, made by two consenting adults.

While pregnancy can occur for a variety of causes, the final choice is up to the woman, when it comes to continuing the pregnancy or not. Not to the courts and not to public opinion.

In most cases, I would call it a sin, but then so is cheating, lying and stealing. God doesn’t put a degree on sin. He tells us that all have sinned and come short of his glory. “Let him who is perfect cast the first stone,” is His answer.

We complain about “illegals” who are in our country. What about the millions of “unwanted,” who would have been born over the past 49 years.

Adoption or abortion both can raise serious questions, but only one can give long-term satisfaction.

Bill Barnes


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