Letter - Barnes 9-14-22

To the Editor:

Now that we heard authoritatively that our government is corrupt, why aren’t we rioting? The people elected our political leaders and we’re not out throwing rocks at them.

We’re just coming out of a pandemic, unemployment is down, inflation is starting to stabilize and we’re finally getting serious about global warming. Infrastructure projects are picking up and Trump is no longer in office. What more could you ask for?

Abortion has always been an issue from time immemorial, but it’s personal not political. I’m opposed too, for religious reasons. God is the judge.

History is based on fact not fiction. White people mistreated and killed innocent blacks and native Americans. Period. racial equality is still a problem, so let’s not sweep history under the rug.

When you vote this fall, remember why we have term limits on certain political offices and why no one has a lifetime appointment.

Bill Barnes


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