Letter - Binger 11-15-21

To the Editor:

I am writing on behalf of the Dakota Energy Board to set the record straight.

For months, a group of Dakota Energy members have been coordinating with East River Electric to run an expensive, coordinated, disinformation scheme to protect East River’s monopoly and backslapping pay raises. 

In contrast, our Board has worked diligently to explore ways to advance our co-op’s business goals and best serve our member-owners. This includes consideration of alternative energy providers. By exploring new providers, we can serve our members with more affordable, more reliable, more flexible and cleaner energy.

However, while a change in provider could save us all money, the East River executives are trying to sabotage our efforts because they do not care about you. They are merely trying to protect the runaway raises growing their six figure salaries. Instead of making their products and services more competitive, allowing us to keep more money in our community, these executives are controlling the puppet strings of pro-monopoly Dakota Energy members, causing trouble and unnecessary distractions to our business.

I’m writing to set the record straight once and for all. We were elected by our member-owners and our allegiance is only to you. We work hard every day to get you the best power at the best price. If you have questions about what you read or hear, please come to us for the truth. As you know, we are happy to sit down and talk.

Chase Binger
President, Dakota Energy Cooperative Board


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