Letter - Bradley 11-24-21

To the editor:

Recently, I read an article in the Plainsman that I found very encouraging, written by S.D. Sen. John Thune.

Even though I respectfully disagree with Sen. Thune on many of his views, I whole-heartedly agree with what he wrote in the paper Nov. 15 regarding children and adoption.

My wife and I were both adopted through Lutheran Social Services.

(We have been married for 41 years.)

We were both blessed with loving, caring parents who raised us with good family values and are very thankful for them generously giving us 18+ years of their lives.

Sen. Thune wrote, and I quote:
“Sadly, not every child is born into a safe and loving home. Some are born to parents who are unable to take care of a child properly. And in some of the most unfortunate cases, children are born to a parent or parents who simply refuse to take care of them or actively seek to damage the great gift in their care.”

Adoption works. We know firsthand.

Mike and Juletta Bradley


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