Letter - Busch 1-5-21

To the Editor:

There’s a verse in the Bible that says you will “reap” what you “sow” and Democrats are finding this out. A federal judge has blocked mandates for healthcare workers. There have been more COVID deaths since Biden took office that when Trump was in.

The jobs report for November was thought to be 500,000, but was only 210,000. Last month, “inflation” was at a 30-year high, and now it’s at a 39-year high. Joe thinks if he spends more money it will go down.

Joe also says if kids don’t get Christmas presents it’s Santa’s fault. Each and every day, crimes and murders go up and now they are “scaring” people on the new variant.

Kamala was shown plugging in an electric car and continued to hold the plug, as if she was pumping gas. She and Joe are more “brainless” daily.

Jen Psaki continues to “lie” daily. But that’s what all Democrats do - once a “liar” always a “liar.”

COVID shots don’t seem to work always, they claimed, and now you need a “booster” shot and I’ve heard that you may need to get another shot every six months. These drug companies are making millions and millions daily.

Bill Barnes says those who belittle the officials and call them “fools” need to look in the mirror. Well, the Bible says a “fool”is someone who “misuses” true wisdom. That describes the Democrats to a “T.”

The Bible also says take “heed” that no man “deceive” you. All that is happening is foretold in the Bible.

Anyone can win an election if they “cheat,” and what does having slaves have to do with teaching kids CRT?
COVID isn’t stopped because Biden allows “illegals” into our country without being “vaxed,” so don’t blame others.

Kudos for Daniel Horn’s letter. Right on.

Michael Busch


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