Letter - Busch 5-1-21

To the Editor:

Each day, Biden and Harris do things to destroy everything Trump did for the country and its citizens.

They continue to go against the Constitution and take away our “God given rights.” They will do anything to “gain” power. When things don’t go their way, then it’s racist.

And why haven’t Biden and Harris been to the border? This is their job. Because they want to “hide” the “truth.” Many lives are runined becaue of the “radical” changes.

Democratic cities are “defunding” police departments, which in turn causes more “crime.” Certain attorneys general are releasing criminals back onto the streets to do more “crimes.”

Democrats refuse to condemn all the “rioting.” The police officer who was convicted of killing George Floyd will be sentenced, but people are still not happy. Maxine Waters told people not to give up their actions, which is incitement.

Dr. Fauci is always changing his thoughts on the virus. First he said you didn’t need a mask, then you needed one, then you need two masks. Also, after the vaccine shots you still need a mask.

Regarding Mr. Anderson’s letter about Gov. Noem not allowing “migrants” into S.D., Gov. Noem is “right on.” Where do these “migrants” think they should get a free ride? Who will be paying the cost for these “free-loaders?” Taxes in the state will rise to cover the costs. Maybe Mr. Anderson should “adopt” some of these “migrants” if he wants to help them.

As for our ancestors who came to America for a “new life,” they came the “legal way.” They worked hard and long to reach their “goal.” They “paid” their way and didn’t ask for government help.

And as for Matthew 25; it has nothing to do with coming over the border.

Michael Busch



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