Letter - Eide 5-14-22

To the Editor:

Response to Dave Gross’ April 16, LTE:

Dave Gross invited me to the Dakota Energy April 21 board meeting. I attended with Dennis Meyer and Mike Madsen.

I provided proof they were using co-op resources, newsletter, and Facebook to promote an incumbent board member. He was being unfairly promoted prior to the challenging candidates receiving petitions. The board’s response: “That was a coincidence.”

Gross accused me of collaborating with East River on Letters to the Editor. I informed the board I did not receive the email Gross referenced. I asked Gross to present the email. He could not. He then admitted that I was never sent the email. No apology was offered for the false accusation.

Dakota Energy board members have been falsely stating that those opposing their Guzman initiative are funded by East River, both verbally and written in the lawsuit filed against their own members. I asked for proof of these accusations. No proof was presented.

All the members wanted was to vote on whether we disband our cooperative power supply system. Instead, we got sued. We voted to merge Beadle and Ree Electric, should also vote if the board wants to disband.

There are no savings. East River charges Dakota Energy only 5.9¢/kWhr. Average market prices have gone up about another 1¢/kWhr since Dakota Energy started both lawsuits. (https://marketplace.spp.org/pages/da-lmp-by-location#). Guzman’s costs including the buyout would be much higher than 5.9¢/kWhr. Using Guzman’s stated wholesale rate, it would bring us closer to 10¢/kWhr, like Guzman customer Kit Carson Electric (https://www.nm-prc.org).

The board has decided to appeal the federal lawsuit and waste more of our hard-earned money. The lawsuit against their own members is pending.

I encourage you to vote Tom Baruth, Nick Nemec, and Darrell Raschke, at the annual meeting June 14.

Dave Eide
Dakota Energy member


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