Letter - Flowers 9-14-22

To the Editor:

After reading Mr. Busch’s letter, I would like to respond to some of his accusations.

He mentioned all the laws that President Biden has broken, but he doesn’t give one example of any broken law.

He also accuses me of living under a rock, as I said that Republicans used to be a party of law and order.

There has been mention of Democrat legislators calling for defunding the police. President Biden was never in favor of that proposal.

I wonder what he thinks of Republicans calling for defunding the FBI, CIA and the National Archives. They also didn’t seem to have a problem with the police officers killed or injured in the January 6th insurrection and coup attempt. Apparently this is different?

I stand by my statement that Republicans are for the law until it affects them.

Our congressional delegation voted against the Burn Bill for Veterans. No reasonable explanation of why was offered. They also voted against the prescription drug bill that would aid millions of Americans. There was an amendment to the bill that would cap the costs of insulin and that would have aided over 100,000 South Dakotans. Maybe they should start to represent the people of our state instead of donors and following what the Republican Party wants.

During the State Fair, there were several young people, ages 10-18, that would try to destroy signs and place Republican stickers in the front of the Democrat building. One even approached the front table and pointed his finger, like a gun, at the person working there. Is this what the Republican Party has become? Parents are instilling that kind of hate into their children.

Charlie Flowers