Letter - Folk 5-14-22

To the Editor:

Last week, the members/owners received a letter from Dakota Energy (DE) Board President, Chase Binger.

Binger stated 1 cent per KWH would equate to a $2.5 million. He didn’t tell that Guzman Energy electric rates with wheeling costs could be 1-2 or more cents per kilowatt hour than East River’s rates.  Plus, we would have to pay for the buyout (with interest), which could cost several more cents/kwh. With Guzman Energy, we could be paying an additional 4 or more cents/kwh. According to Binger’s calculations, that could equate to an additional $10 million/year that would be taken out of the community.

Why does DE continue the legal cases with Guzman Energy attorneys? Two judges have told DE to release the Letter of Intent and DE has to honor the contract with East River. If Guzman Energy is transparent and honorable, they would release the Letter of Intent and honor the judges’ decisions.

Please reference the subpoenaed emails in the DE letter. You can see that East River is not paying the 17 members as Manager Felderman claims. Why is DE publishing private emails? Would you want your power supplier to subpoena your private emails and publish them? Will DE publish its Guzman Energy communication?

The board was elected (and DE lawyer Wheeler should have told them) to run the cooperative in accordance with the Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation. Why are DE Board and Management wasting time and money on lawsuits, harassing member/owners, and degrading organizations they help create? What is the real reason the Board is promoting paying higher Guzman electrical rates, giving up WAPA allocation, and going with a monopolizing corporation that has no backup generation?

Give the co-op back to the member/owners. Vote for Baruth, Nemic, and Raschke on June 14.

Twyla Folk


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