Letter - Folk 6-13-22

To the Editor:

Dakota Energy Board of Director member Todd Buschong wrote a letter to the editor in the Friday paper calling certain people Democrats. REA Cooperatives are not national political organizations. Just because someone gives a presentation at an organization, does not necessarily label them as a member of that organization. Why won’t DE let Basin Electric and East River talk at DE member meetings?  

Board member Neil Duxbury accuses Basin and East River of million-dollar salaries. What do the ex-investment bankers from Guzman Energy and their board of directors make? Didn’t Duxbury get his capital credit refund check this year? Guzman will send its profits to its investors.  

Who would you rather have your power provider be - a company that has built the power system from the ground up, knows the system, its members have input, and its board of directors are rural SD/ND/MN people; or do you want an out-of-area power broker who only cares about profits for its investors? Power system needs long-term contracts to plan for additions, replacements, and construction to the power grid. Guzman has no investment into the power grid.  

What has the board been promised or what control does Guzman have over the board members?  The negative things they have been saying about Basin Electric and East River is exactly what they and Guzman Energy are doing. Dakota Energy needs professionalism on its board.

Bill Folk