Letter - Folk 7-2-22

To the Editor:

In the Dakota Energy (DE) Plainsman article on June 25, the board talks about incurred litigation expenses. With the number of lawyers the Board has, the expenses must be in the millions. Just what funds are being used to pay these expenses? It’s time to drop the lawsuits before millions more are incurred.

Member/owners clearly indicated to the DE Board at the “Annual Meeting” that they did not like the direction the Board was taking. DE is driving up rates not only for its member/owners but for all other cooperative members of East River.

DE needs to hold in-person Annual Meetings in the evening, before spring work is in full swing, like they used to. Members need to be able to talk with the directors, manager, and other personnel. Members need to have a time where they can ask questions and express their opinions. The directors and manager need to listen to the members. Monthly meetings need to be recorded and made available online or listen live.

This year’s annual meeting was just to vote and be handed the annual report.  Whether you attended in person or drive-thru, there was no “meeting” as such. Even DE’s lawyer at the Watertown hearing said that the members do not know what was going on. The member/owners are not being informed of the day, time, and locations of the meetings. Did you know that DE says that a member/owner has to request permission to attend a monthly meeting?

DE members were sent a questionnaire again after the annual meeting. This is a chance to express your opinion. Will DE heed the message or just push its own agenda?

Twyla Folk


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