Letter - James Schmidt 2-1-23

To the Editor:

I remember writing letters regarding the problems at the 3rd Street Dam a few years back, before the rocks were added. My recommendation was a smooth tapered slope, so that anything going over the dam would just keep going down the river.

The rocks could have helped if the project had been completed, but it was left with jagged rocks sticking up, that stopped everything from going downstream, including dead fish.

So how do we fix this?

I know a lot of time and money was poured into the project, but let’s do this right. Here is my suggestion, for free.

First, pour a gravel base over the jagged rock. Then, place boulders flat-side up against each other. Next, fill in the cracks and crevices with river rock and pack it down. The result should be a smooth slope heading downstream.

If dead fish still pile up on the ice downstream, they could be easily raked to the shore, scooped up and hauled away.

If anyone else has a suggestion for a better-but-less expensive way to create a smooth slope, it would be welcome. Maybe a contest for the best idea could be fun. If a winner was chosen and approved by the proper authorities, then we would all win.

What do you think?

James Schmidt