Letter to the Editor - Rockwood

To the Editor:
This letter speaks to the deteriorating condition of Restlawn Memory Gardens and respect for those buried there. Because we live out of state, we’re unable to self-maintain my father’s gravesite at Restlawn.
I’m compelled to seek assistance for my father and for the many others who are in the same predicament. In 1984, my parents paid a Contractual Agreement between themselves and Restlawn Memory, Inc., to secure their grave lots, bronze grave markers and for the maintenance of their gravesites in perpetuity.
This contract is in default.
We and the Huron community have been informed by both newspaper and TV coverage about Restlawn’s lack of performance for contractual obligations. Restlawn Memory, Inc., and their representatives are negligent by not providing timely grave markers and proper gravesite maintenance.
It’s a heartbreaking and embarrassing situation for the community. No cemetery in the proximity of Huron and its surrounding counties should be in the state of disarray found at Restlawn Memorial Gardens. It is a “rest lawn.”
It’s a disservice for those who served in the community, for their country and for the pride of South Dakota. Whether or not Restlawn, Inc., will file for bankruptcy remains to be seen.
Or, whether the State of South Dakota will file a judgment by the State Attorney General. It’s time for the City of Huron and its civic leaders to come forward and properly manicure Restlawn Memory Gardens’ gravesites until this unfortunate situation is resolved.
This is a plea for The Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, Lions, Kiwanis, Huron Community Foundation, Scouts, church fellowships, families, etc., whose loved ones are interned at Restlawn, to act.
Make Restlawn a shrine rather than an undignified disgrace. With Memorial Day approaching, it’s a perfect opportunity to take action. Bring back the peacefulness and the dignity so well deserved.
Steve and Cheryl Rockwood
San Diego, Calif.