Letter - Walz 10-13-21

To the Editor:

Is social media a source of good or evil?

One would have to live in a bunker not to be aware of the divided society in which we live. I am a high school senior and have become increasingly aware of the political lines which seem to appear almost out of nowhere and for reasons that should be beyond debate.

Has social media become a source of evil in our troubled world? It might seem so, but then, every so often, a story surfaces which demonstrates that social media can be a source of goodness and a promoter of kind acts.  

A story recently came to my attention from — wait for it — a crock-pot support group. This social media site shares recipes and ideas for tasty meals. A woman from an eastern seaboard state wrote to her group asking for ideas for a meal based on what she had available in her pantry. Other members began to question her as she had only a few cans of vegetables at her disposal. She explained in her answer that she was a single mother of five children and had lost work in the pandemic.   

Almost instantly, people responded positively by placing orders at supermarkets near her home area.

One person even arranged for in-home delivery. The young mother was overwhelmed.   

Social media, if used appropriately, can be a source of great good.

Porter J. Walz
Wessington Springs



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