Lowery letter to editor 1-30-21

To the Editor:

On Oct. 31, 2020, a fire started in the Open Class Beef Complex, which destroyed the 96,000 square-foot building, a building that has created memories for many families for decades at the South Dakota State Fairgrounds.

Now we have a new vision — the Dakota Events CompleX or the DEX. The DEX will be the new multipurpose livestock and equestrian facility at the South Dakota State Fairgrounds in Huron. This will be a good attraction for event planners and will make Huron, S.D., a more attractive spot to hold their events.

Generations of families have memories made at the old building — now is the time to make new memories for the young and old that will make their mark on the DEX.

Please donate to the DEX and the future of Huron! The kids are counting on us!


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