School board approves hire of 17 staff

HURON — Huron School Board of Education held its meeting Monday night. Two programs were approved for grant funding: Preschool Partnership Program and Family and Consumer Science.  The board also approved the hire of 17 new staff and resignations of two staff.

Dr. Kraig Steinhoff celebrated the success in the district with:
• The Huron Board of Education for the School Board Award of Excellence.
• The Huron Board of Education for receiving the Efforts to Enhance Knowledge Award from the Associated School Boards of South Dakota.
• Homecoming Court members Say Ma, Brynn Gose, Bryn Huber, Claire Schoenhard, Zoe Martin, Kristen Janes, Mason Davis, Reilyn Zavesky, Dylan Lichty, Noah Beck, Sike Ma Noke and Jake Holforty.
• The 2022 All-State Chorus Singers and alternates.

Jolene Konenche presented the Good News report to the board. Elementary students are taking part in reading BINGO and winning a prize when they get a BINGO. This fun activity encourages more students to read and enjoy reading. All the schools will start reading BINGO after homecoming, at the start of October.

At the Huron Arena, Supt. Dr. Kraig Steinhoff explained that the district completed a program with the department of homeland security, which included a recommendation to secure the arena. The doors will now be locked and there will be a buzzer system similar to the schools, and the district will be following that protocol. During activities the doors will be open as normal. During normal school hours or school board meetings, there will only be one available entrance.

The next school board meeting will take place, Tuesday, Oct. 11, at 5:30 p.m., in the IPC room, located on the second floor of Huron Arena. The public is encouraged to attend.


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