School notes 11-27-21

Washington 4-5 Center library

Everyone is having a fabulous time at the library this year. The best news is that they are fully OPEN! Students have a room full of books to browse and they can choose their favorites. One new thing in the library this year is Librarian Joyce Maras. After spending 10 years working with students as a Para in classrooms in the De Smet and Huron schools, she now loves helping students get even more excited about reading at the Washington 4-5 Center.

They just finished up with the Scholastic Book fair. After nearly two years, they were able to have an “in-person” book fair. The books and other “treasures” flew off the shelves, as students were able to purchase books of their own. It was a busy and exciting time.

The students are honing their alphabetizing skills as they search for their favorite fiction books on shelves and on the school’s Destiny site. Many classes are earning ReadnQuiz points. They have tons of these books for them to choose, read, and then quiz on! Each week, during library time, students have the opportunity to share about a great book they read and recommend as well as their favorite part of the book. They are eager to share, and the other students are then geared up to search for another intriguing book.  

Subnitted by Joyce Maras