School notes 5-10-22

HMS Keyboarding, Writing, Careers
In sixth grade keyboarding at Huron Middle School, the students continue to practice their keyboarding skills and working toward a goal of 20 words per minute.

The seventh grade writing class has several projects that they work on during the nine weeks of class.  Their biggest project is writing and illustrating a children’s book that will get published. They are proud to be able to read them to clients from the Center for Independence. They are currently finishing a Crazy Creature story that they will share with their classmates.

Each student in Tammy Barnes’ eighth grade career class has randomly picked a career to experience during this nine-week class. Throughout the class, the students learn about their career as well as several other career choices that may interest them. The students also learn how to budget a home, transportation, food, clothing and other interests they may have, depending on their monthly income. The students have just finished planning a vacation with a friend that included all the expenses they would have during their stay. 

Throughout this class, the students are encouraged to start thinking about their career options, to be aware of some of the decisions they will face as adults, to learn about the many choices available to them, and to understand the relevance of what they are learning in school to their personal career futures in a fun and highly educational way.

Submitted by Tammy Barnes