School notes 5-21-22

Huron High School

Just like every season that we have in Huron, South Dakota, English Language Arts 9 has its own season, too. It is the Romeo and Juliet season where students get to watch the movie and be exposed to the most romantic play ever written by Shakespeare.

After watching the video, learning took place with the use of gamification, a strategy where the teacher transforms the lesson into a game. At that point, creativity struck, and students were asked to come up with an improvised pawn and dice before they were given the board game.

It was fun and exciting, and because they did something new and different, the teachers expect them to keep in their hearts the lessons they learned from the universal story of Romeo and Juliet.

Submitted by Ma Christina Urzabia, ELA 9 Teacher

Buchanan K-1 Center

It is that time of year again when teachers have to say goodbye to students at the K-1 Center and wish them a safe and fun summer with their families! Tips to help your student keep the skills they have achieved this year:

1. Read every day. Reading to and with students it the best way to help them keep their reading skills sharp!

2. Practice math facts, the more they practice the easier it will be to learn more difficult math concepts in the future.

3. Take time to talk with your children, they have a lot to say and they love to share new experiences with you.

4. Enjoy just being together, spending time outdoors is a great way to learn about their environment and experience the fun things summer brings. Happy Summer Everyone!

Submitted by Lisa McCarty, instructional coach


The Honors LA9 classes recently finished Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and compared the text to the 1968 movie version of the same play.  One activity they had fun with was a Shakespearean Slam Contest in which they got to use Shakespeare’s language to call each other names like “a saucy, lily-livered simpleton” or a “reeky, dull-witted maggot pie.” The student with the best slam won! They finished the year by learning the process of writing a research paper and writing a paper based on a career that interests them.

The applied language development class recently wrote letters and cards. During Teacher Appreciation Week, they wrote letters to influential teachers in their lives, and for Mother’s Day, they wrote letters and cards to their mom. Those activities also included addressing the envelopes!

The yearbook staff has been working diligently to complete all the pages of the yearbook. It is not an easy task!

They started the year with nothing and will end it with a beautiful, 176-page, full-color book based on their theme, An Individual Collection. During the first semester, they learned the journalism skills necessary to create the book, and they have been busy ever since interviewing, taking photos, writing stories and captions, and putting together layouts. They will be glad to see the final product.

Submitted by Chris Stahly, ELA Teacher