Skelton letter - 2-27-21

To the Editor:

A man on his bus, bragging to cronies ‘I can go up to women and grab their crotch; they let me do it.’ Same man in a speech says “I can shoot someone and get away with it.’

I pray God will let you feel what families of seven murdered people felt Jan. 6. Then you Senators voted to possibly have Jan. 6 repeated, proud to go to your hometowns and show what happened to you on Jan.6. You showed young people you would be proud if they want to act like this and kill others.

Don’t worry - no consequences. You want a possible tyrant to lead Americans - move to Russia, you would fit right in.

America needs people with brains and commons sense. People not easily hypnotized into a trance, to do a tyrant’s bidding. It’s said you were born without a spine, you are definitely on the wide road.

Do you wish to be rewarded for throwing out the Constitution?

Mary Skelton


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