When will we learn?

“Kiss me once
Kiss me twice
C’mon pretty baby
Kiss me deadly”
“Kiss Me Deadly” - Lita Ford

Part of the all-girl teen rock band The Runaways in the mid- to late-1970s, Lita Ford exploded onto the American music scene. She went solo and used her early-20s sexuality and the glam rock era of the 1980s to have a few big hits, including this song.

For many who grew up on glam rock, “Kiss Me Deadly” is one of the preeminent anthems for heading out to the clubs for a night of bad decisions and reckless behavior. The next morning, the aftermath of those decisions would often come crashing home.

In my home recently, we had our first broken bone among the children, courtesy of our risk-taking youngest.

As many young children tend to do, our youngest enjoys turning cartwheels and other gymnastics moves whenever she gets a chance. She’s been part of gymnastics and tumbling classes and received some instruction, but to say her abilities are elementary at best would be putting it lightly.

Regardless, numerous back bends and cartwheels and other moves have happened within the house or on the front lawn, leading to a bad landing and a sore hand or sore leg or even a collision with another child. You’d think that would indicate such actions outside a gymnastics facility was a bad idea, right?

Well, obviously, you know that’s not what happened.

We were heading to the doctor for another ailment on the day the injury occurred, and she relayed that a classmate had a leg injury due to doing gymnastics at the park. Father and daughter had a discussion as we waited for the doctor to come in to address the other malady about how such injuries can happen when not doing gymnastics in a proper facility with coaches to supervise. So, you can guess what happened next.

That afternoon after school, my youngest decided to show off multiple moves to passers-by at school before attempting one last back bend that didn’t land right.

She came home, bawling, her wrist obviously disfigured. I knew immediately it was broken based on the shape. The trip to the doctor confirmed such. Now she has a bright pink cast that will be on until the wrist is fully healed.

The way she’s going, that could be Christmas.

I recently got a text from my wife:

Your daughter is trying one hand cartwheels.”

It’s never a good sign when the text starts off with “your daughter”…you know she did something real bad at that point.

However, when talking with her about the possibility of breaking her other arm with her actions, she simply didn’t get the danger.

Honestly, growing up in the current culture, can you blame her?

One of the leading candidates for the 2024 presidency is a guy that was voted out of office, has now been indicted on federal and state charges, whose new social media website is already millions of dollars in debt and likely to be shut down by its server hosting company due to nonpayment, and who is now attempting to fund his campaign by duping people out of money by paying for yard signs at $40 apiece.

Yard signs. Those things you can get for free from any party’s headquarters office just by asking.

Locally, advertisements are dominating the airwaves from the incumbent governor, bashing her opponent, but not using any evidence - simply saying tag words that rile people up that don’t do the research to realize they’re incorrect.

The same happened in 2018 when a claim came out close to the election against her opponent that was never true, but it swayed plenty of voters.

Meanwhile, the big announcement from that governor candidate this week?

An announcement about taxes (one that deserves its own column altogether) that has been championed by her opponent.

You know, the one whose policies are far too “liberal” and “bad for South Dakota?” Yeah, that same guy has sponsored legislation multiple times to do exactly what the governor proposed this week.

Flat-out lying to manipulate voters. Getting people to pay for things they can get for free.

We hope that our children learn when they’ve experienced pain not to do something again.

Perhaps they’re simply following our lead…


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