White letter to editor 12-16-20

To the Editor:

Today, Terry Nebelsick shared with me his intention to retire as the Superintendent of the Huron School District. This announcement of his retirement, even though well-deserved, brought to my realization how fortunate our community, school and state have been to have the wisdom, compassion and common sense Terry brought to each of our tables on a daily basis.

The future of South Dakota’s education potential has, in many ways, had Terry Nebelsick’s design to it.

For example: English as a 2nd language, the development of our grade school centers and participating in the Blue Ribbon Task Force, which established new guidelines toward making South Dakota teachers’ salaries competitive with industry standards.

These are just a few examples of his leadership.

My best wishes to you, Terry, as you and Diana enjoy your new retirement lifestyle.

Jim White
District 22 State Senator


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