Brandon Valley edges Tigers tennis


MITCHELL — Brandon Valley escaped with a 5-4 victory against Huron in a girls’ tennis match Saturday.
Earning singles wins for the Tigers were Lizzy Heinen at No. 2 and Ann Hoek at No. 3.

Huron also claimed two wins in doubles.

AnneClaire Rubish teamed with Heinen to win at No. 1, while Say Glay and Paw Kler Moo escaped with a win with an 8-6 tiebreaker at No. 3.

“The girls played very well,” Huron coach Rachel Kary said.

The Tigers travel to Brookings for a triangular against Watertown and the Bobcats at 9 a.m. Saturday.

Brandon Valley 5, Huron 4

No. 1: Addison Meyers, BV, def. AnneClaire Rubish, 10-3
No. 2: Lizzy Heinen, H, def. Keera Kriech, 10-8
No. 3: Ann Hoek, H, def. Melia Thelen, 10-7
No. 4: Sophia Menden, BV, def. Say Glay, 10-6
No. 5: Abby Boersma, BV, def. Paw Kler Moo, 10-5
No. 6: Reagan Morrell, BV, def. Madeline Kleinsasser, 10-5
Exh: Chalie Sah, H, def. McKenzie Johnson, 10-9 (7-3)

Exh: Claudia Scholten, BV, def. Idella Meyer, 10-2

No. 1: Rubish/Heinen, H, def. Meyers/Thelen, 10-7
No. 2: Kriech/Boersma, BV, def. Hoek/Kleinsasser, 10-2
No. 3: Glay/Moo, H, def. Morrell/Menden, 10-9 (8-6)
Exh: Johnson/Scholten, BV, def. Sah/Meyer, 10-6