Celebrating popcorn!


Vicki Dant’s classes entered a national popcorn contest. Through the contest, students learned about and celebrated popcorn during National Popcorn Month. Students in the FACS class learn what makes popcorn pop and the health benefits of it. They created posters explaining “Why Popcorn is Good for You.”

The first of two food labs was experimenting with different flavorings for air popped popcorn. Art students created fall pictures by drawing a background with the sky, ground and a tree trunk. Leaves were made by gluing popcorn to the paper and painting it with watercolor. The high school students were so excited with the project they wanted to share it with the kindergarten class.

The second food lab was making marshmallow popcorn balls. FACS students made and enjoyed the popcorn balls in class and shared with the kindergarten students as a thank you for joining them with the art project. It was then submitted to the Popcorn Board. The class recently learned they earned money for their classroom through the contest.