County approves two hires, one resignation


HURON — A trio of personnel moves highlighted Tuesday’s Beadle County Commission meeting, with two hires and one resignation accepted by the commission.

Weed Board Superintendent Tanya DeVries resigned her position, effective Nov. 9. Meanwhile, the jail hired Henry Morales and the highway department hired Roy Kesterson.

The commission approved a final pay request and change order on a bridge and also approved a pay request on a bridge in Nance township.

Highway Superintendent Jason Fritzsche brought to the commission a request to a tile bore on 205th across 205th street, leading to a discussion regarding boring under county structures. The commission encouraged Fritzsche to process the permit, but with stipulations that the boring be done under any utility lines and be cased.

The commission met as the board of adjustment to review a variance request by Jeffrey Lakner of Wessington to plat 2.54 acres of land to sell the home on the property. Commissioners reviewed the area surrounding the plat and determined that a variance of less than five acres for a plat was not justified, therefore the variance was denied.

Tom Moeding met with the commission regarding the Beadle County Dive Team. Moeding reviewed repairs needed for the suits divers utilize in freezing waters to avoid hypothermia. Seams on the suits have separated and come into disrepair on the 20-year-old suits. New suits would cost between $3,500 and $4,000 apiece, but repairs to existing suits could be done for slightly more than the cost of one new suit. Commissioners approved up to $5,000 for suit repair.

Commissioners also:
• Approved a juvenile detention agreement with Miner County.
• Approved the renewal of retail on sale liquor and on/off sale wine and cider for Gross Hill Enterprises and MG Oil Company.
• Approved transfer of $1.5 million from general fund to highway to pay recent expenditures.

• Set a supplemental budget hearing regarding county building expenses for Nov. 14.
• Approved a 5-year contract with Aramark for the jail.
• Approved a reconveyance due to taxes paid on a property.

The next county commission meeting will be Tuesday, Nov. 14, at 9 a.m. in the commission room on the second floor of the courthouse.