County hears updated plans from Summit


HURON — The Beadle County Commission met on Tuesday morning, with a public comment from Summit Carbon Solutions presented to update the county on the company’s plans after the company was denied a permit by the South Dakota Public Utilities Commission (PUC).

The Summit spokesperson at the meeting stated that Summit has “work to do” to get to the table with counties and work within their ordinances, a prerequisite given by the PUC for re-applying. The intention for Summit is to spend the fall coming to agreements with those counties where local ordinances do not match building plans and then re-apply by the end of the year.

On top of that, Summit announced a grant to the emergency management of each county that the pipeline will be built through. The grant will be $50,000, plus $1,000 per mile of pipeline built through the county.

For Beadle, that would mean a total of $87,000. This will be paid with a first installment of $10,000 and remaining funds to be distributed once all permits have been secured.

The commission also convened as the board of adjustment to approve two variances for construction projects that did not meet setbacks. The first was a re-application by John and Jack Wellnitz in Foster township to build a residence on a parcel with difficult shape to meet setbacks. The second was from Tony Broderson to build a new steel frame building in Wolsey that does not meet full setbacks. Both were approved with no comments against them.

The commission heard from residents of Lake Byron regarding suggested harassment of the residents by county staff. After hearing the concerns, the commission stated that the matter is a civil matter to work out between neighbors, perhaps legally, but that the county would not be involved in the dispute.

Commissioners approved two reconveyances. The first was to Daniel Boria in the city of Huron, and the second was to Gene and Betty Sprecher in Wolsey.

Commissioners also:
• Approved the hiring of one full-time and one part-time jailer.
• Accepted the resignation of the WIC/county nurse clerk.

• Approved an on/off sale malt beverage and S.D. farm wine license for J Musil Wines LLC.
• Approved participation in the National Center for Public Land Counties.
• Approved Eagleview agreement to provide aerial photography services for the Equalization office.

The next meeting of the Beadle County Commission is Tuesday, October 31, in the commission room on the second floor of the courthouse.