County reaches agreement with Carlyle Township


by Benjamin Chase
of the Plainsman

HURON — A resolution came to a long-running issue regarding a removed bridge in Carlyle Township at Tuesday’s Beadle County Commission meeting.

Representatives from Carlyle and Highway Superintendent Jason Fritzsche discussed the issue, referring to a bridge in the township that was removed in 2020. The chairman of the Carlyle board and highway superintendent that were in place at that time are no longer holding those positions, leading to questions about what was originally discussed or agreed upon regarding replacement of the bridge.

After consultation with the state’s attorney in executive session, the commission approved a motion to recommend a low-water crossing be put in at the former location of the bridge. If the township chooses to pursue putting culverts in, the county will provide $5,000 toward hiring someone to place the culverts with the stipulation that the culverts are installed in such a way that the structure is not so wide that it requires it to become a county structure. Future upkeep, regardless of the choice of the township, will be in the hands of the township.

The meeting began with a public comment from Archie Gross regarding updating the prisoner handbook at the Beadle County jail.

Fritzsche then gave the report from the highway department. The department has just completed chip sealing and will be fog sealing this week. Ditch mowing has begun as well as blading on county roads.

The commission discussed the use of tax deed land in Wolsey, and Fritzsche noted the parcels that were currently unused by the county, and those two parcels were declared surplus to begin the process to eventually bring them to public bid.

Commissioners also discussed the former weed building, as there has been expressed interest in purchasing the building. A potential sealed bid auction was discussed, but the decision was tabled to a later meeting in order to consult the state’s attorney.

The board recognized and thanked Debbie Jungemann for 30 years in her role with the county. She will be retiring at the end of the month.

A transfer of funds totaling $750,000 into the highway department and emergency management item lines was approved.

The commission also approved the contract with Election System & Software LLC to provide election services.

Discussion was held on the provisional budget, and the commission concluded the meeting with an executive session regarding personnel.

The next county commission meeting will be Tuesday, July 11, at 9 a.m. in the commission room on the second floor of the courthouse.