County sets tax deed sale date


HURON — The Beadle County Commission meeting Tuesday morning was called to order by vice chairman Rick Benson in absence of chairman Doug Ramsell. Among a number of items addressed by the commission during the meeting included setting a date for sale of tax deed properties by the county. The sale will be Tues. Jan. 30, 2024, at the courthouse.

The meeting opened with a report from highway supervisor Jason Fritzsche. He noted four street maintenance agreements have come in so far for the communities of Wolsey, Broadland, Hitchcock, and Virgil. He stated that he expects a few more to come in by year-end.

Frizsche also set the culvert bid date with the commission for the first commission meeting in January, on Jan. 9.

Fritzsche then opened a discussion with the commission on the weed and pest building. The highway department is currently heating the building at a low level to ensure chemicals do not freeze, but Fritzsche questioned if commissioners wanted to set the building higher for now or see how the first few months in the new building go for cost. The commission chose to go with the latter.

The discussion on the weed and pest building led into a discussion with Fritzsche regarding the supervisor position for the weed and pest department. Benson stated that members of the weed board would review the job description before actively hiring someone to fill the position, but input on any changes to the job description were welcome.

The commission approved two plats of property currently held by Dennis and Marilyn Eggleston. The intention was to plat land into four outlots, with two outlots bundled together in one resolution and two in another.

A plat of land currently held by the Salisbury Homestead was also approved.

The commission reviewed quit claim deeds for vacating two public access right of ways at Lake Byron to split between the adjoining landowners. These were both approved.

The commission approved the memorandum of understanding with SDSU Extension regarding 4-H and funding for the county’s advisor. The county’s portion of funding for the position is $22,400.

A tax reconveyance was approved due to payment of back taxes.

A tax rebate due to fire for VVLU, Inc. was reviewed and approved upon payment of taxes.

The next commission meeting is Tuesday, Dec. 12, at 9 a.m. in the commission room on the second floor of the county courthouse.