Court News 6-18-24

Posted 6/18/24

Beadle County court news published June 18, 2024

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Court News 6-18-24


The following information was obtained from the Beadle County Courthouse:

Driving with suspended license: Blake Johnson, Huron, fined $282.50.

Exhibition driving: Dylan Reyes Lopez, Huron, fined $132.50.

Failure to make proper stop: Tyra Bechen, Huron, fined $132.50.

No drivers license: Florinda Lopez Lopez, Huron, fined $132.50; Maria Lopez Morales, Huron, fined $132.50; Ana Lopez Moreno, Huron, fined $132.50; Elizabeth Maas Luna, Huron, fined $132.50; Carlos Perez Lopez, Huron, fined $132.50; Mario Pol Maquin, Huron, fined $132.50.

Overweight on axle: Mitchell Wilcox, Miller, fined $182.50.

Reckless driving: Talvin Bolden, Huron, fined $396.50, sentenced to 30 days jail, 30 days suspended.

Seatbelt violation: Casey Armour, Huron, fined $25; Kirk Daugherty, Huron, fined $25; Austin Decker, Huron, fined $25; John Derksen, Huron, fined $25; John Ferderer, Huron, fined $25; Vera Ferderer, Huron, fined $25; Carter Hanson, Huron, fined $25; Joshua Lien, Huron, fined $25; Natasha Melton, Huron, fined $25; Tate Mesman, Huron, fined $25; Hugo Pereira-Arteaga, Huron, fined $25; Jeremy Stevens, St. Lawrence, fined $25; Michelle Stickley, Huron, fined $25; Braydon Wilde, Huron, fined $25.

Speeding: Sydney Freideman, Alpena, fined $157.50; Frank Ochsner, Huron, fined $157.50; Edgar Reyes Roblero, Huron, fined $97.50; Dennis Schmitz, Huron, fined $97.50; Bobby Sutton, Huron, fined $232.50.

Driving under influence, 1st offense: Jonathan Rodriguez Carrilos, Huron, fined $546.50, license revoked for 30 days, sentenced to 30 days jail, 30 days suspended.

Use or possession of drug paraphernalia: Francisca Little, Huron, fined $282.50, sentenced to 15 days jail, 15 days suspended.

Disorderly conduct: Sammy Serrano, Huron, fined $198.50, sentenced to 15 days jail, 15 days suspended.

Domestic abuse: Mariana Rodriguez, Huron, fined $496.50, sentenced to 90 days jail, 30 days suspended, 60 days credit.

Insufficient flotation device: Quang Lam, Huron, fined $122.50.

Simple assault: Joseph Carrier, Huron, fined $496.50, sentenced to 90 days jail, 65 days suspended, 25 days credit.

Violation no trespass: Vana VanOverschelde, Huron, fined $198.50.

Two charges: Amasiah Copp, Yale, convicted of overweight on axle (2), fined $365; Brighton Hawkwing, Huron, comvicted of domestic abuse and violation of conditional bond, fined $918, sentenced to 190 days jail, 144 days suspended, 6 days credit; Elma Morales, Huron, convicted of no drivers license and speeding, fined $270, Troy Nix, Huron, sentenced to seatbelt violation and operator assure passengers 5-18 wear seatbelts, fined $50; Jessica Velazquez, Huron, convicted of use/possession of drug paraphernalia and smoking/consuming marijuana by operator of vehicle, fined $565; Alysha Waldner, Huron, convicted of careless driving and overdriving road conditions, fined $265.