Fall milling and paving set to begin Monday


HURON — The fall portion of the City of Huron’s milling and paving project will commence Monday morning, conducted by Asphalt Paving and Materials Co., of Huron.

Here is the approximate order of the milling project.
• 7th St. NE - Beach Ave. to approx., a quarter-block east.
• Illinois, Hawaii and Ohio Avenues, SW, from 22nd Street to 24th Street.
• Ordway Ave. SW, from 1st to 3rd Street.

• First Street SW, from Quinn to Ordway
• 2nd Street SW, from Nicollet Ave., to Quinn Ave.
• Nicollet Ave. SW, from 1st to 2nd Street.
• First Street and Second Street, SW, from Lincoln Ave., to Mellette Ave.
• Lincoln Ave., SW, from Market Street to 3rd Street.

Milling is expected to take up to two days to complete and ‘no parking’ signs will be place the day prior to work being completed. Any vehicles remaining on the street when milling commences are towed at the owner’s expense.

Paving will follow immediately upon completion of the milling portion of the project, and will be done in reverse sequence of the milling. Paving is expected to be completed in three days, weather permitting.

If your sump pump drains into the street, it is important that it be re-routed to your back yard during the project. This is very important, in light of the recent rain in Huron.

In addition, sprinkler systems in the area of the project should not be run, as the street must be dry for paving to commence. If gathering leaves in your yard, please take care to not have leaves blow into the street.