Final street mill and overlay project planned


HURON — As part of Monday evening’s Huron City Commission meeting, an announcement was read into record regarding the 2023 street mill and overlay project for the city. Asphalt Paving & Materials will begin on the final stretch of the project on Monday, Oct. 16 and will be completed by Thursday, Oct. 20.

Streets that will be affected are Lincoln Ave. SW from the railroad tracks to Third St., including the Market and Third Street intersections, First St. SW from Mellette Ave. to Lincoln Ave., First St. SW from Quinn Ave. to Ordway Ave., Second St. SW from Mellette Ave. to Lincoln Ave. and from Quinn Ave. to Nicollet Ave., Ordway Ave. SW from First St. to Third St., Nicollet Ave. SW from First St. to Second St., Illinois Ave. SW from 22nd St. to 24th St., Ohio Ave. SW from 22nd St. to 24th St., Hawaii Ave. SW from 22nd St. to 24th St., and Seventh St. NE from Utah Ave. to Beach Ave.

Residents are encouraged to take alternate routes during the mill and overlay time unless necessary. If driving through the area is necessary, caution is strongly encouraged.

The meeting opened with Mayor Gary Harrington reading two proclamations. The first was to recognize Gladys Pyle day in Huron on Oct. 4, which would have been Gladys’ 133rd birthday.

The second proclamation was read in recognition of upcoming Fire Prevention Week, to be held Oct. 8-14.

Assistant city engineer Dennis Bennett presented the commission a proposal to purchase a hook truck for the solid waste department from Sanitation Products, Inc. for $200,830. There will be a 30% grant utilized for this purchase to cover up to $83,500 from the Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources Solid Waste Management Program. This was approved.

After reviewing available options, city information technology director Chat Borgan presented to the commission a recommendation to utilize MidCo for internet services at Broadland Creek Golf Course. This will save the city approximately $10 per month, but it will also allow the city to avoid investing $19,752 in fiber upgrades through Santel Communications that may not be needed for the required speed in that location.

The commission approved an agreement with the Department of Transportation Office of Air, Rail, and Transit for a project at the Huron Regional Airport.

Commissioners approved the surplus of four concrete culverts from the street and solid waste departments. Commissioner Shawn Harvey, assistant city engineer Dennis Bennett, and solid waste supervisor Dale Fortin were appointed as the appraisal committee.

Commissioners also:

  • Approved a raffle for the Huron Fire Dept. from Oct. 1 to Dec. 16.
  • Approved the hire of Jennifer Gibson for the 911 telecommunicator position.
  • Accepted the resignation of Lora Katz, solid waste maintenance I.
  • Approved the training step increase for police officer Forest Athey for receiving search and seizure instructor certification through the state.
  • Accepted the resignation of Collette DeShazer from the accounting technician position, effective Nov. 3.
  • Approved the retail on-off sale malt beverage and S.D. farm wine license for El Capitan Jarocha, 107 Lincoln Ave. SW.
  • Approved application for the 2023 Inflation Reduction Act Federal Forest Grant program and authorized the Parks and Recreation director to sign.
  • Approved application for the 2023 Community Federal Forestry Grant program and authorized the Parks and Recreation director to sign.

The city also announced that there will be no meeting Monday, Oct. 9, due to Native American Day. The solid waste department will pick up Monday’s trash and recycling on Wednesday.