Getting back into the swing of things

By Plainsman Staff
Posted 5/15/24

New track and harness system aiding patients in rehab

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Getting back into the swing of things


HURON — Swinging a golf club without fear of losing balance wasn’t something avid golfer Alan Bales was sure he’d be able to do anytime soon.

But with the help of the newly installed Solo-Step overhead track and harness system and the physical therapy team at HRMC Pro Rehab, he’s doing just that.

“Getting back on the (golf) course is a goal for me,” said Bales, as he navigated the distance of the overhead track several times. “It’s going to be a huge challenge, but it’s something exciting to work toward.” Now, it’s an activity he’s more confident to do with the harness system to prevent falls and increase stability.

Saren Kahre, physical therapist assistant at HRMC Pro Rehab, says the overhead track and harness system will also allow Bales and other patients to challenge themselves more in therapy with less fear of falling when fatigued.

“There are a number of benefits to this new equipment, with safety being first and foremost, but the most exciting aspect is it allows patients to challenge themselves without the fear of falling, giving them more strength and confidence to try tough exercises like swinging a golf club.”

Overhead track and harness systems like Solo-Step protect patients during rehabilitation. The Solo-Step Overhead Track System is a ceiling-mounted aluminum track that connects to a patient with a harness.

During balance, gait, and strength training, patients are protected from potentially dangerous falls. Physical therapy professionals are able to step away from the patient to view total body alignment and assess the gait and movement of the patient. The system also reduces the risk of strain or injury to physical therapy professionals associated with protecting patients from falls.

Bales credits the HRMC physical therapy team for the variety of exercises and new challenges to help him achieve his goals. “I would have a hard time without this place,” he said as he carefully carried a tray full of marbles on a plate across the room to work on balance. “The people here are outstanding.”

A sentiment Kahre feels is mutual, “It’s a joy to help people make progress in their physical goals and this new harness system is an excellent tool for people like Alan who want to challenge themselves.”