Holiday action at the DEX


A Mutton Bustin’ competition took place Saturday night at the DEX as well, with several young prospective rodeo riders grabbed handfulls of wool and held on for dear life.

Ironically, it was the young rider below, who found himself beneath his sheep out of the gate, who hung on and made the ride, to win the Mutton Bustin.

One of the bullfighter clowns squares off with a willing adversary Saturday night, during the Mason Moody and Jazz McGirr bull riding and breakaway roping event at the Dakota Events CompleX.

Letcher’s Mason Moody hangs on to his seat aboard his bull.

Jazz McGirr competes at the DEX on Saturday.

Kennebec’s Cy Christensen won the Breakaway Roping with a time of 2.7 seconds.

Veblen cowboy Tucker Mertens works to stay aboard his bull.

Tierney Breen of Huron throws a loop over the head of her calf

Jack Rodenbaugh of New Underwood rides a bull at the special event Saturday night in the DEX.

Tanegai Zilverberg from Holabird captures her calf.

Taryn Sippel of Pierpont settles a loop over the head of her calf during the Breakaway Roping event.