Huron MS teams face Brookings


The Huron eighth-grade boys’ basketball team won two of three games against Brookings on Monday.

The Tigers recorded a 40-30 win in the A-game.

Parker Graff led Huron with 17 points, four rebounds, four assists and two steals. Mason Jurgens had 14 points, four rebounds, two assists and four steals, while Tommie Martin had four points, six rebounds and two assists.

The Tigers escaped with a 36-33 victory in overtime in the B-game.

Oakley Anderson, Martin and Landon Hulst each had seven points for Huron. Anderson had also had four assists, Martin had eight rebounds and Hulst had four rebounds and two assists.

Nolan Stahly added six points and had six rebounds for the Tigers.

Brookings edged Huron 26-25 in the C-game.

Shawn Messimore had eight points, five rebounds and two steals for the Tigers. Eh Clay had six points and two rebounds, whle Rayshawn Wipf had five points and seven rebounds.

Eighth-grade girls
Brookings edged the Huron eighth-grade girls’ basketball team 32-30 on Monday.

Jencie Goergen led the Tigers with 14 points, while Aly Davis had nine points and five rebounds and Chloe Carr had six points and nine rebounds.

Brookings also won the B-game 24-15.