Iroquois field trip


The Human Development class from Iroquois High School had an exciting day at the Children’s Museum in Brookings recently, guided by their teacher Vicki Dant and teacher candidate Geralyn Wipf.

They not only explored fun exhibits but also contributed to their community by cleaning stuffed animals, learning about care and maintenance. During their visit, they discovered the importance of gross motor and fine motor skills in children’s development. Jozlyn Cottingham was surprised to realize how much gross motor skills were needed in the museum’s activities.

Riley Hile’s favorite room was the water room. She also learned that dish soap was added to the paint so it would wipe off the window easier.

Meanwhile, Eva Shoultz noticed the intentional design of the museum, realizing that everything there served a purpose in child development.

The trip wasn’t just fun; it was an educational experience that gave them a deeper understanding of how children learn and grow.