Johnson appreciates opportunity at Bull Bash

Benjamin Chase of the Plainsman
Posted 8/31/23

Johnson discusses summer visits in state, honoring veterans

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Johnson appreciates opportunity at Bull Bash


HURON – Representative Dusty Johnson (R-SD) was part of the recognition of veterans at Wednesday evening’s Red Wilk Construction Tuff Hedeman Bull Bash, something that he’s done for a number of years and that he says he truly enjoys.

“We need generations of great men and women that are willing to protect the country. One of the great things about this event is not just that we recognize those who served the country, but that we can show others, and especially our youth, the honor that comes from serving the country,” Johnson relayed.”

Johnson has recently been visiting with South Dakotans at multiple town halls or ice cream socials, similar to the one held last Tuesday at Putters and Scoops in Huron. He says that he’s hearing fairly consistent things from his constituents.

“First, they appreciate me getting out as a lot of members of the House don’t do town halls anymore,” Johnson expressed. “A lot of people are concerned about the border, the border crisis. I’ve voted consistently to strengthen our borders.”

“People are also grateful that we’re beginning to get some of this spending under control,” he continued. “The debt ceiling deal that we cut two months ago will cut $2 trillion off the national debt over the next five years. That’s a big deal.”

Many South Dakotans are concerned with how the farm bill will come together. Johnson states that it should happen soon…or soon in the scope of processes in Washington, D.C. are concerned.

“I believe we should have text figured out in the next few weeks,” he said. “Then we have committee action and floor action, so we’re heading down the home stretch.”

Johnson estimates a final approved bill will come sometime in late October or early November.

Returning to the issue of the military, Johnson was asked about recent political leverage actions taken that hold up military promotions. Though it is a Senate procedure, Johnson had some thoughts;

“The House doesn’t deal with confirmation hearings, but it does not seem like an appropriate piece of leverage,” Johnson noted. “It’s certainly not a tactic that I would use. I think there are lots of tactics that you can use to get your way in Washington, but we have not used military promotions to do that in the past. I think it’s an unfortunate tactic.”