Kindergarten students chosen to have pizza


Kindergarten students chosen to have Pizza with thePrincipal in February are, front row, from left, Jendry Morales Martin, Maleiah Reyes Cruzadao, Dani Roebuck and Thiana Tuj Pelico; second row, Thomas Hofhenke, Wah Nay Moo, Quincey Forbush, Kayden Patient, Elio Lopez Ramos and Odin Shkuratoff; third row, Alexandra Jensen, Ryker Strohm, Law Eh Mu, Emily Wah and Sofia Tzun Cabrera; and in back, Thien Kim Dinh, Callie Stricherz, Nay Kpaw Shee, Bronson Karlsen, Rylee Eichstadt and Joseph Stewart.