Letter - Bartholow 4-1-24


To the Editor:

We take this opportunity to than the coaches and players of the James Valley Christian Vikings basketball program, from grade school up through the varsity ranks - both boys and girls.

It was surely an enjoyable winter for us as grandparents to have games to attend several times each week. They were definitely the high point of our week, and made the winter go much faster.

The season was topped off by the Lady Vikings team going to the State Class B Tournament in Rapid City. What a memorable experience this was!

That was not easily accomplished, especially in the “B” ranks. A lot of teams needed to be weeded out.

So, a special thanks needs to go to the Lady Vikings coach, Krista Robinson and her assistants coaches, Eric Hasart and LeAnn Bartholow, along with all the players.

They made it happen and we thank them for it.

Bill and Judy Bartholow