Letter - Busch 4-1-24


To the Editor:

Mr. Schmidt talks all about Trump’s court cases, that Biden had the DOJ make up against Trump, so he couldn’t run for president.

Biden knows he can’t beat Trump otherwise. The Democrats lie about everything.

Schmidt agrees that no one is “above the law” and this includes the Bidens. Schmidt talks about Trump’s hush money, but what about the money Hunter spent on “hookers” and drugs? Hunter lied to get a gun permit and don’t forget about the taxes he never paid.

Joe claims no knowledge of Hunter’s business deals, but there are pictures of Joe with Hunter’s partners, as well as e-mails, phone calls and a dinner with the partners and who’s the big guy?

Mr. Williams says Trump doesn’t have policy knowledge or temperament and he goes after powerful Black women. I hope he’s not talking about Fani Willis, who lied under oath.

Trump rejected the border bill because it didn’t shut down the border. Biden just wants more money for guards, so he could process more “illegals.” All Biden has to do is reverse all of Trump’s policies to stop the “invitation.”

When Biden pulled the troops and left $85 billion in equipment before he go the Americans out of Afghanistan. We also lost 13 soldiers in turn. How did Biden’s policy go Mr. Williams?

Williams says the zealots who live in MAGA-donia continue to spew hate and dis-information. Sounds just like what the Democrats do.

Williams also claims that the immigrants (“illegals”) aren’t bringing deadly drugs into the U.S. He needs to go to the border and see for himself. Biden allows all the “illegals” from 170 counties, who steal, rape women, some are mentally ill and are gang members. Another one of Biden’s great policies.

Biden also allows TikTok to corrupt kid’s and adult’s minds.

Michael Busch