Letter - Busch 7-1-24

Posted 7/1/24

Writer asserts Biden missteps worse than Trump's

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Letter - Busch 7-1-24


To the Editor:

Mr. Flowers has a problem with Trump’ bone spurs. Well, I had a medical problem also and didn’t serve and I am sure there are thousands of others who didn’t serve, but that doesn’t make them any less a man.

Flowers doesn’t say what branch he was in. I wonder if Biden ever served? I don’t think so.

Mr. Schmidt still claims that Hunter paid his taxes, but he has a trial in September. And he was charged with three counts of lying on a gun permit application, so I guess now we can call him a felon. In the Bible, it says not to cast pearls before swine, which means some people refuse to believe the truth.

Both Flowers and Schmidt talk about things Trump has said or done, but they can’t compare to Biden’s gaffes, or his statements that the White House has to correct.

Thanks to Biden’s “open border” we continue to have these “Illegals” committing crimes such as murders, rape, robberies and many others. Those who voted Biden into office should be “ashamed” because they will be held accountable to God for being apart of what Biden did.

This guy is the “worst” president in our history. The recent things Biden has done shows that his mind continues to worsen from his dementia. His wife and others should be held accountable for allowing him to keep doing all the things he’s done to our country.

His press secretary is saying that the films of Biden were edited - she must think we are as stupid as her.

Trump continues to lead in the key swing states. Trump is winning over more Blacks, Latinos and those between 18 and 24.

People are tired of everything Biden has done. Inflation is the biggest, next to the open border.

Michael Busch