Letter - Flowers 6-22-24

Posted 6/22/24

Writer questions Republican response to Trump court trials

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Letter - Flowers 6-22-24


To the Editor:

I’ve been listening to the comments and rhetoric coming from Republican Members of Congress, who are now degrading our system of laws, by defending Trump, after he was convicted of 34 felony counts in his hush-money trial.

They should remember, he was convicted by a jury of 12 people, and his attorneys had the same opportunities as the prosecutor in choosing them.

I wonder how they can call our legal system partisan, when Hunter Biden was convicted of buying a gun while on drugs. He broke the law - just as Trump did - and was convicted by a jury of citizens, as was Trump.

If you listen to Trump campaigning, all he talks about is retribution and retaliation against anyone who has challenged him.

Our senate delegation voted against a bi-partisan border bill, because Trump told them not to pass it. It’s hard to complain about the border problem, if you’re unwilling to help address it.

They said the bill wasn’t perfect, that was the reason they voted against it. I was in the state legislature here for 14 years, and if you waited for the perfect bill to come along, very few would ever pass.

Trump brags about how he got the Supreme Court members appointed, who voted to do away with Roe v. Wade. Now, legislators in red states are trying to criminalize doctors, because they are doing their job in treating women who are having pregnancy problems.

All this from the party of law and order and less government regulation.

What’s most disturbing is our congressional delegation, Governor Noem and even our attorney general - who all took oaths to defend the constitution and the laws of this country - are now defending a man who was convicted on 34 felonies, and that is just wrong.

Charlie Flowers