Letter - Flowers 7-5-24

Posted 7/5/24

Letter writer questions recent letter

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Letter - Flowers 7-5-24


To the Editor:

I read Michael Busch’s letter, in which he made a few accusations that need to be addressed.

Trump notably got deferment for bone spurs, but also got college deferment. Bone spurs don’t usually go away without surgery, which Trump says he never had. It doesn’t seem to bother him walking, or playing golf.

While I never served in the military, I was never in a draft position, as Trump was. I feel I have served, by 20 years on the Iroquois School Board, eight years as Beadle County commissioner, 14 years as a state legislator and eight years lobbying for small and mid-sized schools, along with nearly 30 years on the local fire department.

Mr. Busch talks about people being ashamed and accountable to God if they vote for Biden. Mr. Trump supports posing the 10 Commandments in schools, even though he has broken most of them in his lifetime, particularly No. 9, the one that says “thou shall not bear false witness” (lie), which he does every day.

Twenty-nine times in the debate.

Busch talks about crime, but crime has actually gone down in the last four years.

I wonder how many COVID deaths results because Trump called it a hoax for a long time? I think the Trump administration receives an “A” for developing the vaccine, but gets an “F” for getting it into people’s arms.

His followers, who believe anything he tells them, would have gotten the shots and reduced the loss of lives caused by people refusing to take the shots.

Unemployment reached nearly 15% in 2020 under Trump. It is now 4%, under Biden. And Trump talked of getting rid of the debt in eight years, when it actually increased $8 trillion in four years.

Charlie Flowers